Massachusetts Community Solar Project: Holliston, MA

Turning Massachusetts Brownfields into a Solar Energy Solution

Massachusetts Community Solar Project: Holliston, MA

Capacity (kWs): 10,277 kW PV, 5,000 kW battery storage
Acres: 31
Home Usage Equivalent ( 1 year): 1,831
GHG Offset: 2,028 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year

Massachusetts Community Solar Site: Project Overview

This Massachusetts community solar site is a 10MW project. It has 5,000 kWs of energy storage on top of a classified Brownfield site in Holliston, MA. This is one Massachusetts Brownfields site that had become contaminated due to decades of dumping construction and demolition debris from the greater Boston area. 

How Does Community Solar Work?

Project Approach

We worked closely with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Attorney General’s office, Licensed Site Professionals, and groups of engineering consultants to navigate an extremely complex permitting pathway. Due to the contamination of the Massachusetts Brownfields site, it required many site evaluations to properly design remediations for safe use.
This location could probably only site a solar array or a 40B housing development, and the preference for the landowner and the city was to use it for siting a community solar farm.

Holliston MA

Project Takeaways

We are very proud that because of our team’s ability to develop a community solar site at this Brownfields location, the contamination is being cleaned up and the site will now supply hundreds of customers with reduced-cost renewable electricity.

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