A Unique Approach to Solar Energy

Powering Communities

Powering Decades of Clean, Local Solar Energy to Communities

As climate change evolves, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels becomes all the more critical. We develop and construct solar energy systems that provide up to 35 years of renewable energy while improving the lands on which they’re sited.

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Why Solar?

Rewild’s solar projects are passive– they are quiet, do not generate long-term traffic, do not have byproducts like odor or night lighting, and because they contribute tax revenue to municipalities, they help remove the burdens on local school systems or public safety services. And they do it all while generating revenue for the landowner and preserving the land from permanent development such as commercial buildings or housing. 

The carbon reduction possible from solar power can reach 300 times the amount that an acre of trees can sequester each year. Put it all together, and that’s a big difference for climate change for decades. 

Be part of the difference solar energy can make.

Solar projects provide financial benefits to the community:

Huge field of solar panels surrounded by trees

they contribute significant tax revenue to municipalities without placing a burden on local services such as schools, police, or fire.

they pay the landowner material income for 20+ years, oftentimes keeping farms viable or preventing the sale of land for housing/commercial development.

they provide discounted electricity to nearby residential renters/owners or commercial entities such as businesses, schools, or towns.

they help upgrade the grid.

A solar project can result in a reduction of 7,043 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year, which is equivalent to annual CO2 emissions from:


gallons of gasoline consumed

7,791, 922

pounds of coal burned


barrels of oil consumed


gallons of diesel consumed


home’s electricity usage


home’s energy usage

Recent Rewild Projects:
Holliston, MA

Turning Massachusetts Brownfields into a Solar Energy Solution

Capacity (kWs):

10,277 kW PV, 5,000 kW battery storage



Home Usage Equivalent (1 year):


GHG Offset:

2,028 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year

Recent Rewild Projects:
Lincolnville, ME

Creating a Community Shared Solar Site and Preserving Farmland

Capacity (kWs):




Home Usage Equivalent (1 year):


GHG Offset:

1,185 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles

solar panel texture

There are many developers and IPPs in the US solar and storage market but very few like ReWild Renewables. Borrego has been working with ReWild for 5 years and from our experience, we believe ReWild is one of the most honest, reliable, professional, and efficient companies in the industry. It is easy to transact with ReWild and very little resources and time is wasted in the process. If ReWild says they are going to do something they do it and if they make a promise they keep it. ReWild has an impressive and fast-growing track record that makes them a trusted partner; it would behoove other industry leaders to partner up with them whenever possible.”

Aaron Hall
CEO & Co-Founder of Borrego Energy

More on Our Approach

Land Conservation

Solar energy helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, but we also believe in preserving the land sited for solar projects by preserving the ecosystem it provides.  

Our Partners

The positive impact we can make on the environment wouldn’t be possible without the individuals, businesses, and communities joining us in our mission. 


We develop and construct solar energy systems that provide up to 35 years of renewable energy while improving the lands on which they’re sited.