Enable a Community Solar Project

No Residential Rooftop Solar Needed

A community solar project powered through a partnership with Rewild is an excellent way to provide low-cost, dependable solar energy to residents and businesses within a given area.

How it Works

Our community solar projects occur on well-sited, feasible lands, and have little impact to the community itself other than generating clean, local, dependable energy. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. 

How large are your typical solar projects?

Our solar energy sites often span about 25-35 acres of land, which allows us to provide a significant amount of solar power and make a sizeable impact on the land itself.

large field of solar panels
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What will the impact be to the community during construction?

Our community solar projects don’t create noise pollution or generate additional, unwanted traffic or crowding. The construction phase is short and creates very little disturbance; any impact is isolated to the area being developed.

What will the benefit be to the community?

Residents will enjoy a number of benefits: access to low-cost renewable energy, job creation, additional tax revenue, and participation in a planet-forward conservation effort. 

Do residents need solar panels installed on their roofs?

No residential rooftop solar panels needed! Community solar projects developed by Rewild provide off-site solar, meaning individuals can receive the benefits of solar energy by remotely tapping into our solar energy system – even if it’s miles away. 

Are there cost savings possible with solar energy use?

Absolutely. Our electricity is discounted from a community’s electric utility rate. Going green doesn’t have to cost more – and we make sure it doesn’t. 

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Landowners Trust Us.


“The ReWild Renewables team was a breeze to work with and are experts at navigating development. They had the vision and expertise to identify that my land could be a great location for a large-scale community solar project. A year and a half after signing the Letter of Intent I am looking at a fully constructed 3.3 MW solar array. It's now ready to plug into the grid and produce rent for my family for the next 20-30 years."

Waldoboro, ME


“This team had the expertise to efficiently turn a portion of my land into a large solar farm. They did what they said and I'm happy to be enjoying lease revenue for the next 20+ years.”

Bob Greig
Augusta, ME


"The Rewild team is pragmatic, flexible, and attuned to the needs of the communities that host their projects. They walk the talk, earning credibility by doing what is right, demonstrating that working to be the best in the land includes working to be the best for the land."

Brooke Barnes,
Stantec Consulting Services

Recent Rewild Projects:
Holliston, MA

Turning Massachusetts Brownfields into a Solar Energy Solution

Capacity (kWs):

10,277 kW PV, 5,000 kW battery storage



Home Usage Equivalent (1 year):


GHG Offset:

2,028 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year

Recent Rewild Projects:
Lincolnville, ME

Creating a Community Shared Solar Site and Preserving Farmland

Capacity (kWs):




Home Usage Equivalent (1 year):


GHG Offset:

1,185 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles