Living Rewild

We Protect Land Through Conservation-Minded Solar Energy

Solar projects can be impactful beyond providing green energy. Rewild is an employee-owned company started by some of the most successful solar energy professionals in the industry, and we’re focused on enabling solar energy while protecting and conserving the lands we use.

Our team founded and sold SunRaise Investments, a leading and highly-respected solar energy developer, owner, and operator. We infused that expertise into Rewild with the ultimate goal of bringing conservation-minded solar energy projects to fruition. 

idyllic field at sunrise

What it Means to Rewild

Rewild is an employee-owned Solar 2.0 company. As the industry matures, we are leading the way in ensuring that our company holistically approaches the fight against climate change by reducing carbon emissions and protecting biodiversity. 

Land is precious and it can do so much for us. We don’t want to just use land for solar energy – we want to give back to the land by supporting and protecting it for generations to come. By avoiding sensitive areas for solar energy sites and aiming to rewild these lands, we’re uniquely able to encourage the biodiversity of that land and promote what naturally occurs. We can rewild the right land and do good in more ways than one. 


The Rewild Mission

The Rewild mission is to rewild our ecosystems, reduce carbon emissions, and protect biodiversity – and to successfully and mindfully develop high-quality solar projects that benefit the communities in which we work.

  • We help merge the worlds of renewable energy with biodiversity conservation to help make a positive impact against the climate crisis.
  • We embrace the reality of climate change by working to keep the world habitable, maintain a quality of life we all desire, and prevent irreversible mass extinction.

Meet the people behind our mission

bird resting on sola panels

Habitat Protection

We need enormous amounts of solar on well-sited properties, and significant tracks of climate-resilient lands to be protected forever to ensure biodiversity and connectivity, which is critical for habitat migration. As the climate changes, it is essential that animal and plant species alike can migrate to climates that are suitable for their continued survival. These migration areas need to be connected and protected; otherwise a critical bridge in the ecosystem is simply missing. 

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Beyond Solar

A portion of our proceeds from solar projects on correctly sited land funds our efforts to permanently protect the Earth’s most important lands.

Communities Trust Us.


“The ReWild Renewables team was a breeze to work with and are experts at navigating development. They had the vision and expertise to identify that my land could be a great location for a large-scale community solar project. A year and a half after signing the Letter of Intent I am looking at a fully constructed 3.3 MW solar array. It's now ready to plug into the grid and produce rent for my family for the next 20-30 years."

Waldoboro, ME


“This team had the expertise to efficiently turn a portion of my land into a large solar farm. They did what they said and I'm happy to be enjoying lease revenue for the next 20+ years.”

Bob Greig
Augusta, ME


"The Rewild team is pragmatic, flexible, and attuned to the needs of the communities that host their projects. They walk the talk, earning credibility by doing what is right, demonstrating that working to be the best in the land includes working to be the best for the land."

Brooke Barnes,
Stantec Consulting Services