Matt Doubleday

Director of Interconnection

Matt joined SunRaise in 2014 as the first employee to focus on state and municipal clean energy research; fast forward 7 years and Matt has become a critical member to building SunRaise with our team and the transition to ReWild. 

Matt leads every project through the interconnection process balancing the art and science to working with the utilities to interconnect each project. He also develops “pollinator-friendly” plans for projects, so that pollinator species like bees can thrive within the arrays. Matt is actively involved in policy in each state we work in with a particularly keen understanding for how to improve the utility process. He is also an in-house battery storage expert, always leading the team on how best to utilize the fast evolving innovations within battery storage. 

Outside of work, Matt spends his time exploring the many mountains and natural areas of New England, playing or watching soccer, and enjoying books and music.