Zachary Farkes

Senior VP of Project Finance, Senior VP of Project Development

Zachary Farkes fills dual roles at ReWild, operating as both Senior Vice President of Project Finance and Senior Vice President of Project Development. Equally at home in the field, the public meeting hall, and the corporate boardroom, Zak leverages a master’s level understanding of every facet of the development and financing process (renewable portfolio standards and incentive programs, site-control/offtake/tax agreements, interconnection tariffs, federal/state/local entitlement, system design optimization, EPC contracting, economic modeling, due diligence, and deal structuring) to remove risk and maximize economic and environmental returns for all project stakeholders.

Since joining the world of renewable energy in 2010, Zak has blazed through the evolution of the solar industry and left a trail of unmatched success. In his eight-plus years as a developer for Borrego Solar, Zak focused on the Massachusetts DG markets where he deployed more than a billion dollars of solar assets across approximately seventy projects; he exited Borrego in 2022 when the development company was sold to a private equity firm focused on energy transition. During the first four years of his career, Zak managed various aspects of Solectria Renewables’ operating department in their inverter business. 

Before starting in renewables, Zak was selected in the 2004 Major League Baseball Player Draft and played professionally in the Red Sox and Phillies minor league systems. Zak is a graduate of Harvard University where he concentrated in English and Philosophy, and never-quite-finished his entrepreneurship focused MBA at Babson…because he got distracted starting solar project companies.

When Zak isn’t trekking through the gravel and mud of project sites in his trusty pickup, you’ll find him chasing stripers and tuna off the Cape or on the ski slopes of New England; but no matter where the adventure leads, Zak is never without his wife and three children.